Large Intestine Meridian
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Large Intestine Meridian

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LI2 [IC2]
ERJIAN [Jikan, Second Part, Second Space, Second Interval]


on the radial border of the index finger, distal to the second metacarpophalangeal joint

  • in the angle between the base and the shaft of the second phalanges

Category of Points:

  • Sedation point (Xie Xue)
  • Ying (Spring) point
  • Water point
  • Key treatment point for teeth


  • expels Wind, clears Heat and reduces swelling
  • alleviates pain


  • toothache, swelling and pain of the mouth, throat and lower cheek area, sore throat, dry mouth, nose bleed, nasal discharge, eye ailments, facial palsy
  • febrile disorders, chills
  • nervousness, somnolence
  • acute food stagnation 
  • disorders, restricted movement and pain of the shoulder and upper back


  • expels Wind-Heat from the upper area of the lungs, particularly from the throat and nose
  • for toothache LI2 is often recommended instead of LI4
  • for runny nose  and nosebleeds LI2 is used in conjunction with LI20 and GV16
  • is also recommended for Empty Kidney patterns.


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