Large Intestine Meridian
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Large Intestine Meridian

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LI8 [IC8]
XIALIAN [Geren, Lower Ridge, Lower Angle]


4 cun distal to LI11, on the LI5 to LI11 connecting line

  • the distance between the wrist (LI5) and the elbow (LI11) is 12 cun

Category of Points:


  • harmonises the Small Intestine
  • dispels Wind and clears Heat
  • clears Yang Ming-Fire and calms the spirit


  • stomach pain, abdominal distension in the lower abdomen, fullness and pain in the stomach and lateral rib area, mastitis
  • weakness of the Small Intestine Qi, diarrhoea with undigested food residues, blood in the stool, dark urine
  • headache, dizziness, eye pain, difficulty breathing
  • discomfort and pain in the elbow and arm, hemiplegia


  • LI8 is the mirror/reflecting point of ST39 (lower He -Sea- point of the Small Intestine) at the arm and is used in case of disorders of the Small Intestine. Clinical practice, however, mainly uses ST39
  • as LI5, LI7 and LI11  it is used for Yang Ming- Heat that leads to emotional disharmonies
  • for food-related diarrhoea LI8 is used together with LI9


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