Large Intestine Meridian
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Large Intestine Meridian

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LI1 [IC1]
SHANGYANG [Shoyo, Large Intestine Yang, Yang Trader, Metal Yang]


at the radial nail groove of the index finger

Category of Points:

  • Jing (Well) point
  • Metal point (Ben Xue)


  • clears Heat, reduces swelling and alleviates pain
  • revives consciousness


  • tooth ache, pain of the submandibular region, swelling and pain in the mouth and throat, hoarseness, dry mouth, tinnitus, hearing loss, deafness
  • pain of the shoulder and upper back, numbness and heat of the fingers
  • loss of consciousness, circulatory collapse, stroke, epilepsy, whooping cough, asthma
  • fever with absence of sweating, acne in the facial area
  • excessive lacrimation due to Wind


  • indicated for toothache, especially in the lower jaw
  • acts on Heat, swelling and pain- especially when Wind-Heat and Heat accumulation-in the Yang Ming- section in the face (e.g. acne)
  • for watery eyes due to Wind LI1 is used in conjunction with LI4 and TH5
  • for fever with absence of sweating LI1 is used in conjunction with: LI4 and LI5, ST43, ST45, SI4 and PC8


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