Large Intestine Meridian
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Large Intestine Meridian

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LI11 [IC11]
QUCHI [Kyokuchi, Spiral Pond, Curved Ditch, Pool on Bend, Pool at the Crook]


in a flexed arm on the lateral end of the elbow crease

  • in the middle between LU5 and the lateral epicondyle of the upper arm

Category of Points:

  • Tonification point (Bu Xue)
  • He (Sea) point
  • Earth point
  • key treatment point for the shoulder and skin itching


  • clears Heat, cools the Blood
  • dispels Wind, channels moisture and calms itching
  • regulates Qi and Blood
  • activates the meridian and relieves pain


  • feverish and Heat-illnesses, inflammations, incipient Wind-Heat diseases
  • toothache, discomfort and pain in the mouth- and throat, goitre, scrofula, red and painful eyes, watery eyes, hypertension
  • allergies, dry skin, itchy skin, rash, eczema, boils
  • discomfort, abdominal distention and pain, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation
  • amenorrhoea
  • discomfort and pain of the arm, shoulder and elbow, atrophy in the muscles of the arm, atrophy of the muscles of the leg, hemiplegia


  • anti- inflammatory and antipyretic in case of Yang Ming- Heat
  • tonifies Qi and raises resilience
  • is used as LI5, LI7 and LI8 in case of Yang Ming- Heat, which leads to emotional disharmonies
  • for Dampness and Damp Heat in the intestine
  • for incipient Wind- Heat illness LI11 is also used in conjunction with: LI4, BL12, BL13, TH5 and GV14.
  • for hypertension LI11  may be used in conjunction with ST3 and ST9 or in conjunction with ST9, GV20 and LV3
  • for hemiplegia LI11 is used in conjunction with LI4 and LI15


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