Meridians and acupuncture points

Learning and reference tool for practitioners and students

Updated responsive Online-Version since December 2015
First published 2007 as CD-ROM, ISBN 978-3-9501913-2-5


This reference text of the RenMai- publisher was at its publication the first database- based reference tool for practitioners and students who work with the meridian system.

The RenMai reference site "Meridians and Acupuncture points" is aimed to serve as learning tool and source of information for practitioners and learners. The editors therefore recommend to only use the content of the work on the basis of a well-founded training course and with appropriate professional- legal status. This reference text should not encourage either laymen, or specialists to "heal" the body by pressing points. The references to indications and symptoms are only to be understood in connection with the integration into the overall system.

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Responsability for content and scientific advice:
Dr. Eduard Tripp, director if shiatsu traning Austria, supervisor and psychotherapist

Idea, coordination:
Ing. Gerhard Kofler, Agency director and shiatsu practitioner

Dr. Eduard Tripp and Ing. Gerhard Kofler

Renate Baldauf, Astrid Polletin, Karin Reinold, Andreas Semper

Italian:          Daniela Meneghini, shiatsu practitioner
English:         Irene Nolte, Rasita Craig,  shiatsu practitioner  (publication: June 2016)
Franch:          planned for autumn 2016
Spanish:        planned for 2017


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The reference tool is currently available in a responsive online version and as CD-ROM (only for Windows operating systems before Win 8.0). The main part "Meridians" (abridged) is also available as bound book via RenMai publishers, in specialist bookshops, via relevant mail- order- trade and in some shiatsu schools in Austria. The online version can be used directly after online payment and registration.


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System requirements for the online version

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Copyright reference

All contents and graphics are incumbent upon the copyright of the authors. Unauthorised commercial detailed copies, or even an entire copy of the work of reference are  strictly prohibited and may be procecuted. - We are convinced that the code of ethics within the shiatsu, acupuncture and TCM community is respected.

Code of honour

As detailed above the work was created and developed by shiatsu teachers and practitioners. It was compiled and elaborated with the help of graphic designers and prgrammers. The reference tool is based on a self- initiative of the authors.

The CD-ROM was published in 2007 and is created for PCs with operating systems prior to Windows 8 and optimised for a screen resolution of 1024 x768. The CD-ROM cannot be used on Apple computers.

The CD-ROM is provided with a hardware-bound copy protection. It expires 14 days after first use without personal code and then requires registration. You receive the code after reception of your purchase information via email. Each purchaser is entitled to use the CD-ROM in two different locations e.g. laptop and desktop.


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